Library Guide(English)

Guidance For The Use Of The Library

The purpose of the library is to facilitate self-study rather than to teach directly.

Library Opening Hours

  • Weekdays: 8:50am-9:00pm
  • Saturday: 8:50am-6:00pm

The library is closed on Sundays, national holidays, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, and University memorial day (November 21)

Tsurumi University Library
2-1-3, Tsurumi, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
Telephone: 045-580-8274 (direct call)

1. Entrance procedure

There is no special entrance procedure and books, bags, etc. may be brought in. Lockers are available on the first floor, as are general magazines and daily newspapers.

1) First floor

First floor

2) Second floor 

Second floor

2. How to look for materials

1) Directly from the shelves

Materials on the shelves of the reading rooms are freely available.

2) By using the catalogs

There are about 840,000 books and 13,000 periodicals available in the library. The accession reference is needed in order to locate an item within the library.


An item can be searched by title, author, keyword, classification number, etc., and its place within the library is displayed on the screen.
Please use the OPAC guidance system where possible.

b. Stack

Specially valuable books and books in the basement, as are back numbers of journals of social science and other humanities' subjects. Please apply for such materials at the library counter.
By using the catalogs

3. Borrowing and returning library materials

While no special procedures are necessary for using books and journals within the library, staff and students need their university ID cards for borrowing library materials.
Borrowing and returning library materials

1) Borrowing

a. Numbers of books which can be borrowed and for how long

Maximum loan periods and numbers of books that can be borrowed
Numbers of books which can be borrowed and for how long
Student category volumes loan period
Students 4 two weeks
department-of-literature fourth grader 10 one month
Graduate students 10 one month
Faculty and staff 30 one month
Library science students 3 one week
Alumni 3 one month

b. Borrowing

Students and staff should take library books and ID cards to the main counter for withdrawal.

c. Reference materials

Various materials including reference books, micro-fiches, newspapers, and valuable books are not available for outside loan.

d. Extending the loan period

In order to extend the loan period borrowers should present the books together with their ID cards at the main counter for updating.

e. Reserving materials

Books out on loan can be reserved and a notice will be sent out on their return.

2) Returning books and other materials

 Returning books and other materials

a. Procedure for returning books

Please return books to the main counter of the first floor, or, after closing hours, to the book mailbox outside the entrance.

b. Late returns

If books are overdue the borrower's name will be posted up. This will be followed by a postcard to the borrower. If the books are still not returned further borrowing will not be permitted until the books are accounted for.

3) Please observe the following:

Please treat library materials carefully.
When in the library speak only in a quiet voice.
If your umbrella is wet, please put it in one of the plastic sheaths provided.
Remember to keep your valuables with you when you leave your seat.
Smoking, eating and the use of cell phones inside the library is not permitted.

4. Library services

1) Reference services

Librarians are able to aid research by accessing a variety of Internet-based databases. Please consult staff on the first floor regarding social science and other humanities topics, and staff on the second floor for dental and other science-related topics. Workshops to help students learn basic research skills and specific database searching are offered regularly throughout the semester.

a. Reference materials

Dictionaries, atlases, indexes, etc., are in the reference books corner on the first and second floors.

b. Interlibrary loan

Books can also be borrowed from other libraries, and photocopies of journal articles can also be obtained. Alternatively, visits to other libraries to peruse the materials can be arranged. In either case any expenses must be borne by the researcher rather than the library. Please ask the reference staff for help with such matters.

2) Group study room, first floor

Please feel free to use this room.

3) Seminar room, second floor

This room is intended for seminars, rather than individual use. Please apply to the main counter.

4) Library homepage, Japanese only

The library opening hours and events, an introduction to the database, and information on new accessions can be viewed at the homepage.

5) Photocopying services

Coin/card operated photocopy machine are available in the reading room for the copying of library materials for study and research purposes only. (The copying of personal notes is not allowed in the library - please use a convenience store). The Copyright Act allows only one set of copies for each person.

6) AV services

The audiovisual center, located on the first floor of the library, holds DVDs, laser discs, VHS videos, etc..

AV center opening hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:50-20:30, Saturday 17:30 

(Closed during the Spring and Summer vacations)

AV services

5. Nippon Decimal Classification (N.D.C) 9th ed.

Nippon Decimal Classification (N.D.C) 9th ed.
Library classification numbers according to topic
For further details please ask the library staff.
Dentistry : D Picture-book : J Local materials : K American literature : A930