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The Center for International Exchange provides opportunities for people from Japan and other countries to share knowledge and increase cultural understanding. Our staff and students are constantly in search of ways to promote peaceful coexistence between countries and all members of the international community.

International Network

Our university has an international program with many different universities and colleges scattered in Asia, Europe, Oceania and America for students and faculty members on both sides to visit each other for study, research, language learning and vocational training. While unique international exchange activities are being carried out by our Faculties and Junior College in cooperation with their foreign partner universities and institutions, our Center for International Exchange leads and joins hands with them in various newly developed international programs. In particular, we are proud of the social contributions we have made by providing educational and dental services to foreign visitors and refugees through programs run in cooperation with two world-renowned institutions, the Japan International Cooperation Agency ( JICA) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


Pro Bono Dental Treatment for Refugees

In February of 2010, Tsurumi University Dental Hospital began providing free dental checkups and treatment to foreigners who have applied for refugee status with the Japanese government. This project is a collaboration between Tsurumi University’s School of Dental Medicine and the UNHCR, an organization which has twice received the Nobel Peace Prize. Every year, many refugee applicants without health insurance are accepted for treatment, including a number of emergency cases. This program is one example of Tsurumi University’s commitment to promoting international cooperation while building character through education.


A refugee applicant patient undergoing an oral examination for the first time.

Philosophy of International Exchange

An important part of the mission of our university consists in fostering graduates with an international perspective who aim to be world class researchers. In the area of international exchange, the university has set up the goal of responding proactively to the needs of the international community in terms of research, education and service. The Center for International Exchange undertakes various activities in accordance with the above goal and in cooperation with the three pillars of our university, the School of Literature, the School of Dental Medicine, and the Junior College.


During a short break in an international session for exchange of views on campus life.