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Graduate School of Dental Medicine, Tsurumi University since 1977

We have been making continuous efforts to improve the quality of dental medicine for more than 37 years. We have 23 departments and recruit 18 new graduate students every year. To meet the needs of the times we promote truly patient-centered basic and clinical studies and pursue excellence of education.

Desiring to cure as many patients as possible through study of oral cancer

I am studying oral cancer. There are generally three main cancer treatments: surgery, chemical therapy, and radiation therapy where the size and the malignancy of the tumor are firstly examined. My study of oral cancer is characterized with directly examining cancer cells to identify their types and characters to find efficiency of a new drug to be used against them. What I always keep telling myself in mind is that I am doing my study for patients. Although my study days tend to be full of trials and errors often without getting expected results, my dream is that one day I will be able to obtain results useful for patients all over the world.

Nanami Yamamoto
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Graduate School of Dental Medicine