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We are determined to foster advanced specialty and tough intellect based on our undergraduate education.

The first half term of the Doctor of Philosophy course in Graduate School of Literature is intended to foster study ability in respective specialties or abilities needed in professions of advanced specialty.
The latter half term is intended to open academic doors widely for people of study interest and to explore the academic essence of various fields such as Japanese literature and culture, different historical periods of English speaking societies. We are determined to bring up excellent personnel equipped with analytical ability and acute sensitivity. What we aim at is to breathe fresh life into the academic world and to make social contributions.
We would like you to feel their spirit of inquiry from the messages of our graduate students in different fields.


Language study to understand ancient Japanese people

I decided to go to graduate school to become a Japanese language teacher who can give a thoughtful lecture. The theme of my current study is on the origin of a word “mezurashii (novel)”. In “Manyoshu”(the Collection of Ten thousand Leaves or the Collection for a Myriad Ages) it is used in a different meaning from that in modern times. It is a genuine delight in literature study that you can be close to the ancient people’s way of thinking. While continuing my study, I have come to think that I will become a scholar in the future.

Ayaka Koike
Japanese Literature, Graduate School of Literature

American urban literature is the theme of my lifework.

I had a chance to read some urban literary books featuring California in English when I was a student. That aroused my inquiring mind into religious and historical views described there. The hard study experience in graduate school has certainly enhanced my reading and analyzing abilities in English. I am presently studying in the United States. After obtaining a doctorate, I intend to go back home and become a university teacher.

Takuya Matsuda
English and American language Literature, Graduate School of Literature

Excavation to solve mystery of archeological site

I am presently conducting an excavation study on cave tombs called “yagura” in Kamakura-shi. They are said to have been built in the Kamakura period. But it is difficult to tell exactly when and why they were built due to their severe damage caused by weathering. During my long vacation, I personally visit sites in Sichuan, China for further study that is considered to be the home of cave tomb.

Masazumi Nishimoto
Cultural Properties, Graduate School of Literature