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Developing skilled and attentive dental hygienists through direct contact with patients, including children and the elderly

An expanding need for dental treatment and oral care at homes for the elderly and the disabled means increased opportunities for dental hygienists. Our department offers training not only in oral care, but in overall physical health. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and training in their use with actual patients, mean students graduate ready to work. We educate dental hygienists who have the knowledge and flexibility to work not only at dental offices, but also at health clinics, homes for the elderly, and community welfare centers.

Features of the Department of Dental Hygiene

  • Our department has over 50 years of experience in dental hygiene education.
  • We offer a strong foundation in basic medical education and overall health.
  • We offer extensive practical training experience in cooperation with the Tsurumi University Dental Hospital.
  • We offer a program leading to certification as a Class 2 Home Helper
  • We promote the principle “Brush your teeth to brush up your mind.”
  • A high teacher-to-student ratio plus state-of-the-art facilities result in the ideal learning environment.
  • Our students have an exceptional success rate on the national Dental Hygienist Exam.

About the Department of Dental Hygiene

The three main areas of Dental Hygiene are 1) assisting in dental treatment, 2) preventative dental care, and 3) dental health guidance. Additionally, our students engage in specialized areas, such as oral care for dysphagia patients (patients who experience difficult or painful swallowing) among others. Our department offers a superior curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, so it comes as no surprise that we have produced the highest number of dental hygienists of any school in Japan.


The philosophy of the Department of Dental Hygiene

In our department, we believe an understanding of the whole body is indispensable for the dental hygienist, and so we emphasize "fundamental medical care" as the basis of oral hygiene studies. We provide numerous practical experiences with actual patients to develop the most skilled technicians possible. We also have a strong commitment to Zen Buddhist philosophy, and consequently we aim to cultivate care givers with exceptional communication skills who truly understand the concerns of their patients.

Three-year program of study at the Department of Dental Hygiene

Year 1 : introductory courses in medical care and oral hygiene set students on the path to becoming knowledgeable health care givers with the proper attitude

Students take courses in anatomy and physiology as part of their basic medical and dental health training and choose from other courses in the liberal arts catalog as well. By developing an attitude that they can make a difference in people's lives through proper health care, they are able to master the sometimes difficult science courses they encounter on their road to becoming skilled health care providers.

Year 2 : students become skilled health care givers with a combination of theoretical and practical training

The first half of the year is devoted to courses in the three main areas of dental hygiene: assisting in dental treatment, preventative dental care, and dental health guidance. These are followed in the second half of the year by clinical training at the Tsurumi University Dental Hospital, as well as practical experience at other institutions. Students may also choose to take courses that lead to certification as a Class 2 Home Helper.

Year 3 : students elevate and refine their skills through continuous practical training

In the first half of the year, students continue their clinical training at the Tsurumi University Dental Hospital, and get additional practical experience at various health and welfare institutions, as well as at kindergartens and primary schools. In the second half of the year, students take part in a "Comprehensive lecture" course. They may also choose to do a graduation thesis.