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Tsurumi University School of Dental Medicine

Various expectations for dental medicine

Services which dentists can provide with are not limited to those at private clinics. Dental medicine holds various work fields such as clinic, clinical research, public service, education, or even overseas clinical field.

Expectations for future dental medicine

Computer technology is being applied to dentistry. The image data obtained by means of CT or MR can be processed for designing and producing 3D samples of dental prosthetic or restorative products on a personal computer by using CAD/CAM technology.

Regenerative medicine using stem cells is increasingly attracting people’s attention. Even in dentistry, researches are being carried out concerning regeneration of various tissues such as oral mucosa, bone, salivary gland, etc.

Clinical service
Entering a super-aging society, we need to be prepared to improve the quality of life of elderly people who are in need of nursing care especially from the viewpoint of eating food. What is needed is close collaboration between nursing care and various aspects of their daily life such as treatment of teeth, prevention of diseases, rehabilitation of the sick, eating, etc.

【 Future opportunities for dentists 】

Future opportunities for dentists

about CAREER

Making patients smile with joy by providing them with satisfying dentures

Dr. Yohei Sato
Graduated from School of Dental Medicine in March, 2001
Lecturer, Department of Denture and Prosthodontics, School of Dental Medicine

The theme of my clinical research is a well-fitting denture. I do it while treating patients in the university dental hospital. A traditional type of denture needs to be repeatedly given adjustments like scraping and grinding after newly being delivered into a patient’s mouth. Therefore it takes time until it becomes fitted for the patient. My study is about how to shorten this adjustment time by finding ways to make dentures fitted for patients at much earlier time. It is a work worth doing because I know that I am doing it for my patients right in front of me. Another work of mine is to teach dental students and grow them to be good dentists. I would like to pass on what I was taught by my senior instructors to my students whom I want to be dentists thoughtful of patients. Emphasizing preventive dentistry has helped me develop my own style of dental service.

Dr. Yasuyuki Makino
Graduated from School of Dental Medicine in March, 2001
Director of Smile Care Nishi-hachioji Dental Clinic

To cultivate self-confidence in my clinical skill, I further continued my clinical training in the Department of Prosthodontics of the university dental hospital for two years right after graduating from School of Dental Medicine. Then I opened my own private clinic where I came to encounter quite a few patients coming back to see me for treatment of the same teeth I had treated due to secondary caries. There I came to realize importance of preventive dentistry. I decided to newly open a clinic specialized in preventing dental diseases. Most of my patients today come to see me for preventive treatment not for restorative treatment, which I find is an ideal dental service. The role of a dentist is not only treating dental diseases but also helping patients keep their mouth healthy. I realize that there are many kinds of service a dentist can provide patients with.

Tsurumi University School of Literature Department of Japanese Literature

Employment with companies or opportunity as a teacher

Most students wish for company employment in a wide range of industries like service, wholesale / retail, finance, manufacture. In recent years more and more students try to become teachers. Graduates gain experience as part-time or temporary teachers, work as full-time teachers and play an active part in the education field.

Department of Japanese Literature

Tsurumi University School of Literature Department of English and American Language and Literature

Employment at companies where to make good use of English language skills

Places of employment include businesses where English is of advantage as in the hotel / travel service business, but also in wholesale / retail, distribution / transport / communication. Many graduates also seek opportunities as English teachers or civil servants. Further, the department is supporting employment and recommends internships (credits as from 2013) and volunteering.

Department of English and American Language and Literature

Tsurumi University School of Literature Department of Cultural Properties

Opportunities in a wide range of businesses due to practical knowledge and skills

Graduates work in the following areas:
curator, teacher, investigator of buried cultural properties, excavator at a private enterprise, make use of lacquer knowledge at Buddhist altar (fittings) company, manufacturer of special brushes for investigating cultural properties, restoration of Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, manufacturer of display cases for museums, restoration of paintings in Italy etc.

Department of Cultural Properties

Tsurumi University School of Literature Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies

Opportunities as librarian, school librarian teacher or in the information service industry

As a specialist of information control and access or as a technical specialist for database compilation and access there are opportunities for success. Since the establishment of the department internships for credit as well as job-hunting support are available. Graduates working as librarians successfully apply the knowledge they attained at the university.

Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies