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Convenient 5-minute walk from Tsurumi Station - a campus surrounded by the abundant green of Sojiji Temple.

The closest station to the university is Tsurumi Station, only 10 minutes by train from the center of Yokohama. Despite being in such a convenient location, the campus is surrounded by abundant green, providing the perfect spot to relax and study. Please come and experience yourself the splendid environment available at Tsurumi University.

Campus Map

Entrance Exam Center :
consultation regarding all entrance exam matters; campus tour available
Memorial Hall :
the university's cafeteria is a place for students to get together; it is frequently full of students enjoying their free time
Tsurumi University Hall :
the main hall accommodates 300 people. On the 2nd floor there is a smaller hall for 160 people. The 3rd floor is widely used for life-long learning activities and also has a life-long learning training room.
Dental Hospital :
this 'open hospital' is the center of the local dentistry community and plays an important role on the cutting edge of the latest dental treatment methods.

Walking directions: Tsurumi Station - Tsurumi University

Take the West Exit of JR Tsurumi Station; cross the street and go straight through the open air shopping mall. walk Turn left at the end of the shopping mall; Mizuho Bank and Mosburger are your landmarks. walk Go straight; you will see McDonalds on your left. walk Continue straight past the Tsurumi University Hall. walk Pass the Dental Hospital on your right. walk Turn right at the entrance to the Sojiji Temple complex. walk Climb the stairs to the left on the way to the temple; this is the university main gate. walk Arrive at the top of the stairs; only 5 minutes from the station; close and convenient!